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Should I have tried harder with him???
Just wanted everyone to know I finally broke up with the sex addict I was with. He was into group,swinging,shemales,other men,women,porno,internet surfing for sex from strangers,jerking off while talking to me,wanted to watch me with others, wanted me to do animals while he watched,told me about all the sexual encounters he had with mena and women around the world and wanted girls 11 or 12. I couldn't do any of that with him,but he tried several times to get me into it,needed me so we could get into clubs. I just wanted him and a relationship.but he wanted fun for now and to be friends and see where it goes. Well I had to cut ties as his sex antics got worse. I feel sad and alone and hope I did the right thing. I miss him already.(other then the sex he was agreat guy) Maybe I should have stayed longer(6 months I did both 48) But I am looking for a guy to be exclusive with. I still want him and can't seem to let go. But he hasn't called or came by in 5 days since I said no more games.
LOL... he's a sicko!!
and a FREAK NASTY!!!
honestly, do you want to be with someone who wanted
sex with 11 or 12 year olds
that's just gross and perverted,
and the animale thing...EWWWW!!!
you can do way better... plus he'll end up behind bars
or maybe in the looney bin
Is this man a sex addict and pediphile???
A man I know is into sex of all kinds(group,swinging,other men,women,shemales,porn sites,phone sex,surfing the internet for sexual partners-one niters,anomynous sex with others, jerks off quite a bit,even said he wished his daughters would have had sex with him-they are 22 and 24 now,the kinkier the better he said) Said he had many sexual escapades here and abroad. Doesn't always practice safe sex and now he talks of sex with girls 11 or 12. I found out all this as he tells me all of it. Secretive about other things(no friends no this of him nor his family). Seems to have a double life. He is 48 and divorced as I . I finally said no more to him,couldn't do any of it with him(lucky I didn't have sex with him) But I still want him, but my counselor says he has the signs of a sex addict and a pediphile. He says he is a dangerous man. And he will lose control someday(possiblyjob,friends,money he will lose) and people will find out and he will lose everything.
well to answer your question truthfully, im a sex addict too.. but not as bad as that guy your talking about. This dude seems as though like many of us has crossed the line of no return. desensitised as i would call it, to sexual experiences. even if you were to get with him, his appetite would not be quenched with just you and would see too it that you end up just another experience and would leave you shortly afterward. as for getting into trouble, your just gonna get busted with him if you decide to stick around. My advice, leave him be and just lend an ear and try to keep him out of trouble. And if you want a man, just hangout at a local bar. There plenty of less wild addicts there.

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