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I have a really Big Dick and I Swim?
Okay so I have to wear a jammer (its like a speedo but it goes down to your knees) and I dont want it to just press against my dick and then everyone is going to stare at me and gasp. nay suggestions?
there is no way around it. ive been swimming for 8 years and everyone has a bulge
Who else got really excited when big dick johnson and that guy from jackass stripped for us?
Hahaha! What an exciting moment that was. We got two treats not one. Both Big Dick Johnson came out and the guy from Jackass. What a treat. As if I didn't feel tingly enough when Big Dick Johnson started to shake his manboobs around, you had that hunk from jackass rip his clothes off. Ohhhhhh yeeeeeaaaahhhh
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and not really that was sick and why did they do that if there going pg
Why do black people have really big *****?
seriously why do they have bigger ***** than white people. I for one have a really small dick.
There's a plant where they live and that plant make their penises large
Is a big dick really better?
I thought my friends were joking when they say that size matters, but then one of them told me that there was a significant difference in how good the sex was because of the size of the penis. The bigger penis being the better. Is there a difference? Or does it depend on the person (guy) and their experience in sex? because the bigger dick guy did have more experience.. but the other guy did have a normal sized one anyway (15cm approx).. but is that not enough?
not much .The vagina's length is about 6". The outer 2" is most sensitive, the inner 4" being insensitive. To arouse a female one needs to stimulate only the outer lips and the outer 2" of the vagina. SO, for female sexual satisfaction, the size of an erect penis can be anything from 2" or more.
How big should your dick really be?
I am not trying to be gay or anything but i just need to know and if you are wondering my dick is 6 1/2in.
DON'T say "gay" in the manner that you just did. It's politically incorrect.
Would a girl prefer a guy who has a big dick and a really hairy chest or s guy with a small dick abs no hair?
Big dick and hair vs small dick abs and muscles no hair?
probably a big dick and hairy chest. if they have no hair on their chest, they are not a man..

Correction: most men do have some hair on their chest, so i don't know why anyone would mind. AND most women do not say they prefer a small penis so..
Do girls really care how big the dick is?
I'm not a very big guy 4" for a 18yr old. I hear girth is more important, and I'm insecure to know how I compare to others and if girls really care about size
Just the one-nighters. The good women don't care.
My boyfriend has a small dick but I have a really big one. Does he care?
So my boy friend has a 4-5 inch dick and I have a 7-8 inch dick. Do you think he is jealous?
Yes. Definitely.
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everyday before practice we change to our practice clothes in the locker room. some of my teamates run and fight with people with their shirt off and just boxers. im not gay but my eye slips a little and u cant see no lump or dick. but they claim they dick are very big and they are 15 years old and older . also wen they run around they dick do jiggle but i dont see it wen they keep still. most of mi teamates are at least 5''10 or taller and i saw one teamate while he was changing {no homo} his dick sliped out the boxer hole and it looked about 12 inches length and and 5 inches fat sideways but that is one person please anwser i need to know if i am big also
ur only imagining guys men at21 years have average 6 incher only africans have a larger one relax u r normal ask a friend to show his to you just for surety and show urs u'll be ok
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im a retard
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