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Anybody know what was the Family Guy episode which showed Asian Girls saying "Little phone, little everything"
I loved this episode of Family Guy since it was sooo funny. It was "Little phone, little bag, little everything (implying breasts)."
The episode is called No Chris Left Behind, Chris is expelled from school and is put into Morningwood acadamy :), it is also the episode with the most recent chicken fight.
It is the 16th episode from season 5, it has not been released on dvd and will not be on the next volume (september 18th 2007). It will not be on dvd untill volume 6 in 2008. However you can watch the episode at this link.
Why do jealous Westerners say that East Asian girls look like little boys? Isn't that the most ridiculous..?
thing ever?

This Black guy or whatever he is said in my previous question that this girl (pic below) would look like a little boy if she didn't have breast? LMFAO...isn't the most retarded thing a human being has ever said? I doubt that guy has the IQ of a normal human anyway..
Well, what you have here is a couple of generalisations. First, there's the generalisation that Westerners say that . Then there is the generalisation that East Asian girls look like little boys. Both revolve around stereotypes. Often the reality is that generalisations are often just people's ill informed opinions. Which I guess is a genralisation in itself.

I guess the guy was expressing his opinion. Probably a racist and/or bigoted opinion.

Personally I think that lovely East Asian girl looks very cute. I have been to Cambodia and Vietnam and think that most of the women there are stunningly beautiful. But that's just another opinion, and a generalisation.
Do Asian and Latina girls go through puberty at a slower rate, speaking of breast development?
My dad is Spanish and my mom is Korean, and even though I had my period in the summer before 8th grade (and I just started 10th), I'm still an AA on one side and even smaller on the other. I have been growing though, and I do know that my grandma on my dad's side didn't develop until she was 18, my mom until 19, and my other grandma until her early twenties. So, since I already know that's genetic, I know I'm going to get bigger. However, how long do you think I'll have to wait? At 13, my little sister already has B-cups, and I'm sort of tired of having the smallest chest. I think I'm gorgeous other than that, but sometimes it does upset me, so I think knowing around what time I should be expecting to be a little larger might make me feel better.

Do Asian or Latina girls go through puberty slower? And does being mixed-race effect this too? I also don't look quite like anyone in my family.
Latina's no, they mature rather quickly, and usually have guys at a younger age...

Asians yes....most likely you got your mother's body type.

But it seems like both side of women in your family mature at a slow rate.
My boyfriend likes big breasted asian girls but I'm white with 34As. How can I measure up to his fantasy?
My boyfriend and I have been going out for a while now and I know he's only had sex with one other girl. He has a big thing for asian girls with big boobs but l don't fit that category. He says I'm the best he's ever had but he hasn't really been able to explore. I suggested a threesome but he doesn't really seem comfortable with the idea. Are there little things I can do to try and fill the fantasy or am I worrying for nothing?
no such thing as asian girls with boobs.

if your really white (american, euro, can, or aust) you dont have to do anything because all other races already worship you.

all other races wanna look like you, follow you all day and be with you, live next to you, have guyren with you (even adopt your guyren), go to school with you, and they wanna get your approval.

so dont worry. the best looking people of other races envy you just because you are white.
My Asian Mom Won't Let Me Wear Anything Pretty?
I know this question sounds kind of shallow, but it's been bothering me for a while. I'm seventeen and about to turn eighteen in a few months. I'm East Asian, and I suppose my breasts are slightly bigger than usual in Asian standards (34 C). I've always worn really plain clothing throughout high school like plain t-shirts with jeans because I didn't want any nonacademic attention. Because of this, I've never had a boyfriend or many male friends in general. Since midterms came out already and I've already been accepted by some pretty good schools, I wanted to look pretty for the next month or so.
I spent forever putting together a nice looking outfit that kind of showed my breasts a little (you can barely see cleavage), and my mom says I can't wear it because I'll 'get abducted and/or have people stare at me inappropriately.' It was just a tank top with a cardigan over it and a belt, and it kind of made me angry. My mom has constantly been telling me to look better for university or I'll never find a guy who would want to marry me because I never put effort into my looks, and when I attempt to look attractive, she tells me I can't wear what I want to wear because it 'shows the shape of my breasts' and I'll get molested or something because of it? Basically, whenever I show her a new outfit I want to wear to school, she would say I can't wear it because it shows my 'waist/butt/breasts' too much, and they aren't even showing. Everybody in my school wears revealing clothing, and she won't believe me when I said that what I'm wearing isn't even considered revealing at my school. I just want to look pretty for the last couple of months for memory's sake. What should I do?
Hahahahaha! Old-fashioned parents. Got to love them, right?

Look on the bright side- while you can't do anything about it now, they won't be able to do anything about what you wear in the future. :-D
Is 34C breast size average for a 14 year old?
I feel a little awkward for asking this, but I want to know.
I'm about 5 ft and about 108lbs. I'll be 15 in 5 months. I'm asian if that's significant to anything.

Thanks for listening :)
I would say you're bigger than the average 14 year old, but everyone grows at different rate and sizes.
How do I ask my mom to buy me a padded bra?
My mom is Asian so shes a little different to deal with than your regular American mothers. She keeps telling me that I can't wear a bra because it stunts breast development and i don't think that is true. I secretly have one and i wear it to school but I don't want to keep secrets from my mom. I need a way to tell her I'm ready for one without getting her mad. Help please?
Aww. That is so sweet that you don't want to keep secrets from her. Definately maintain that relationship that the two of you have. I would not suggest taking her into a Victoria's Secret store. I think she will freak and say no right of the bat. I am not sure of your age, but I would ask her to take you to your doctor (Pediatrician, OBGYN, not sure who you see) because you have some "questions". I would then talk with the doctor about your mom's concerns on bras and breast developement and have the doctor calm any fears she may have. I would stay away from padded bras for awhile. I think that somehow suggests that you are uncomfortable with your size and I am guessing that you are young and still growing - no need to feel that you need to overcompensate. Embrace your own unique size and shape, no matter what. Women don't come in cookie cutter sizes. I think she would be more comfortable starting off with just a basic, supportive bra for your age and size, and move up from there. Good luck!
Does tall european guy like short asian girl?
would a 6'3 european guy ever love a 5 feet asian girl. She has breast, hips and waist, not really fat and not really thin. She's not really pretty but she's so friendly and smile all the time but a little guyish althoug she's 18.
Why not?As long as they love each other. I know a girl in my college married a French guy,she's about 155cm and he's nearly 2m.
Can asian girls have naturally large breasts?
I am 100% full Chinese (certain both parents are from China and immigrated here when I was little). I am not overweight, but I have 34 D-cups, sometimes DD-cups breasts and both my mom and my sister small breasts (in fact, all the girls in my family that I know of have small breasts). My mom thought it'll mean I will have breast cancer, but my doctor says I'm fine. Is there something wrong with me? Do you know any Asians with naturally large breasts and what can cause that (b/c it's not genetics)? And, what can I do to make it smaller because it's not proportional to my body type?
hello! i'm asian too
i'm 3/4 chinese, part malay part thai
i would say yes, asians can have big boobs! although its quite rare for a chinese.
mine's quite big, not as big as yours but i'm a 32D
but i'm tiny, like 5'2 and a hundred pounds, so people say my boobs aren't proportionate to my body but who cares!
i've learn to just love myself for who i am, you should too!
What's the best implant size for my 5'2, 122lb frame?
I'm looking into getting breast augmentation in around 6months, so I'm doing my research now! I'm asian and have very little breast tissue. Probably a 34 AA cup. From all the stories and stats I've read about, my overall frame tends to be larger than girls my height.

I feel like a small C cup would be best for my frame. Does 300 cc's sound around right for my frame?

I haven't scheduled a consultation yet, but I'm just looking for educated guesses at the moment. Thanks for any help!
34 G's...Baba Booey, Baba Booey!!

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