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If a gay couple and a lesbian couple are staying in same apartment and are quite friendly to each other?
Do they suspect of each other that their partner would fall in love with their heterosexual friend ? If that happens don't you think it will be more natural ? What are your views ?
No. It wouldn't be more natural. If you are gay, you are gay, and you don't switch back and forth. If there is bisexuals in the mix, then it's possible they could fall for each other. But either way wouldn't make it more "natural" than the other.
My sister bought an XBOX for her new apartment. Could she be a lesbian.?
Why would a woman want to play a video game?
She probably got it so she could play Call Of Duty: Kitchen edition. haha jk maybe she likes video games?
I think the lesbian couple in the apartment above me have discovered my crossdressing, What should I do? I?
left some of my rather large lacey bras & panties in the dryer too long and they were folded with a note on them. The note commented that my undies were so much girlier than theirs and that we should all have a panty party one night.
What should I do ? I am always bumping into them
You should plan a party with them & ask if they want you to dress-up before you come to the party or ask if they'd like to dress you up as a girl when you get to their apartment. I'd show up to the party already dressed up & I would dress-up in my sexiest outfit & then see what they want to do with you. I have a couple of lesbian friends & they know about my cross-dressing & I've let them dress me up, use their toys & just do whatever they want.

Sharing an apartment with a lesbian?
I am a straight female and I just found out that my potential roommate is a lesbian. I have nothing against this, however, I've never interacted with one or know of any before her. Is this a good idea? Your answer is much appreciated.
of course its a good idea. you will become much more tolerant and well rounded by befriending someone different than yourself.

chances are you have already been friends with a lesbian or bisexual female. i have heard 1 out of 10 people are gay or bisexual. that doesnt mean they all live that lifestyle, but the tendencies are there.

i'm glad you dont 'have anything against it' an open mind is the first step. if her lifestyle makes you uncomfortable, set some mutual boundaries. good luck to you and your roommate.
Do I take her to this lesbian bar in town?
OK I asked this girl at work out and she said yes. For our first date, do I take her to this lesbian bar here in town or just out for drinks?, and even if the subject of sex comes up-do you think I sholud take her back to my apartment or wait?
Um, me and my girlfriend went out for dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. I ended up sleeping in her bed, but we decided to wait on sex. It was very romantic and we knew we were both interested in the other for more reasons than just sex. Anyone I have sex with on the first date I am not that interested in getting to know on a deeper level.
Is it appropriate for a lesbian to ask a male co-worker to her apartment to just hang out?
My boyfriend just told me that a fellow co-worker, who claims to be a lesbian, asked him to come over and hang-out. He told her no, and that it's no big deal because she's gay...but I still think that's f-d up, especially since she knows he has a girlfriend. He told me not to worry about it, that she's all over the females at work...but if that's the case, why didn't she ask one of them instead of him? He thinks I'm overreacting b/c I have lots of male friends...which i do, but I don't go and hang out at any of their houses and when we do go out with them, we are together, as a couple...i never go hang out with my guy friends without him...i don't think i'm wrong for thinking this ***** may not be gay after all...am i wrong for being worried? Any answers would be greatly appreciated
Yeah relax! He told her no immediately. Yeah maybe she does find him attractive or found another chick and they wanna do something. People are sick these days but don't worry about it. You don't have to be worried when he told her no and I don't think he's going to go. I think your over reacting also because it's not like he went and then he said nothing happened or whatever. He just didn't go. Cut him some slack. But there's nothing wrong with bein a little worried about the assholes in this world.
Would you do a Lesbian and 3some porn scene for money if you were broke with no apartment?
One of my friends, she is BI, lost her job a few weeks ago and called me up crying about her situation and said that the previous day some agent on the street saw her at the unemployment office and offered her $1000 for her to do a lesbian scene and $2500 for a 3some scene for his porn websight. She was crying not because she was offered it but because she has no money to pay the rent and is short on food, she was about to call the guy to say yes but called me first. I told her to wait a few days and think about it, maybe she will get a job before she has to do it. But if it comes down to it I don't know if I should tell her yes or no. I don't have money to lend her and her parents lost their home so they are out too. Would any of you do it in that situation?
personally i wouldn't. i don't have a problem with prostitutes and porn stars... IF they want to do that profession. it happens... some people love sex and money so much they actually like 'selling their body'. as for ur friend. no... no way. she will regret it. her face (and body) will be on show for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. are their any charities or churches or gov. type help available? i know her parents are broke... but couldn't she live with them for a short time?
As a lesbian is it wrong to be a hetro prostitute?
I am 19 and me and my gf are in serius debt, we moved into her parents out of my goreous apartment and everything. I have slept with boys before and am good at it, i just dont enjoy it or get any emotional fufillment form it. my gf is hesitant.

I dont want any comments about how i am a slut/slag/desperate/dirty. i know this.
Not at all. In some ways, it can even be considered better- you are making sure to be with people with whom you know you will not form an emotional attachment or get enjoyment from. There are many porn stars with female partners who do not do girl/girl scenes at work, so that lesbian sex is something special for their personal lives only.

I would caution, however, that you don't sound like this is a good option for you. Prostitution as a form of desperation will only drain your soul and leave you emotionally dead inside, no matter who you're sleeping with.
Can you become gay or lesbian through certain means?
I have two very good friends that are a couple. These two girls are best friends and have been living together for a few years while they attended the same college I attended. They are still together, but I was curious to know why they became lovers. If they lived together for so long, and were best friends, AND they shared the same bed (small, one bedroom apartment)could they become gay, or maybe wake up some sort of "hidden gay gene"? I know I am talking a bit silly, but I was just curious. Thanks!
Gayness starts out with an attraction to the same sex. It had to be there from the begining.
LGBT: Should I list "lesbian" as a preference for a roommate on my housing application?
So, I'm applying to UT Dallas. And on the apartment application, there's a page where you fill out information regarding a roommate, so they can match you with someone you might get along with.
I was just wondering, if I should list that I'd prefer a roommate who was lesbian.
Would you put that down?
No, I wouldn't. Even though I'm a lesbian, I wouldn't necessarily want another lesbian in the same room with me. Ever hear the term "Dyke Drama?" It's not just a myth baby! At any rate, I would put down something like "Gay friendly." Put something down for sure, though, because you really don't want to room with the freaky religious nut!

However, that being said, I did not put anything like that down when I went to college and my roommate WAS the freaky religious nut - which meant that two weeks into the semester she moved out (I made her uncomfortable) and I had a dorm room all to myself for pretty much the first year. But I think that I got lucky and that my situation was the exception and not the rule.

Whatever you put down, best of luck!!!!!

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