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My Girlfriend wants to get HUGE Breast Implants will this handicap our ability to have intercourse?
My Girlfriend has always talked about getting implants when she had saved up enough money. She just got inheratance from her favorite great aunt (she was her favorite grand niece) and it was a little more than enough to go really big. Big as in nearly world record big. I was wondering if they would get in her way while leaning over or reaching in front of her. Also when we have sex would they get in the way?
There is a point where they become too big. I am a 32D and it does not make it hard to have sex, but I could see anything over an F being too big.
Ladies a friend said huge breast implants quickly pay for themselves and then it's all profit.Is this right?
Actually it was my uncle. He makes films so should know what he's talking about.
he certainly does know , go for it Daphne xxx
Possible to still breastfeed with huge breast implants?
Does the boob still work the same with implants inside of it with the milk going in there an everything?

and do the implants hurt the milk at all that the baby drinks

Thats a question for your doctor , youre not being specific as to if you HAVE THEM or are THINKING of getting them. It depends on if the ducts to your nipples were damaged during the implant operation . The second part is a matter of open debate , some think some do not. ask your doctor.
What is your opinnion of women who get huge breast implants then scream at you if you look at them?
and is this not what sarah palin is doing with the newsweek cover
Next thing palin will be doing is climbing a pole, in bikini and claiming she was expressing her interest in fire fighting.
What do men think of breast implants (NOT huge stripper ones)?
What do all you men think of a girl getting breast implants?
I have a 34A chest size right now and I'm already pretty curvy with a nice round *** but my boobs look soooo disproportionate on me. I understand guys liking tiny boobs on tiny girls but I'm 5'7" and although i'm not fat, my small boobs just look terrible on me.
Would it be so bad to get some natural looking breast implants to about a C-cup?
All the breasts with implants I've seen in real life, excluding strippers of course, have looked amazingly beautiful. Very natural, except no sag so it's like having a teenagers boobs again. C cups implants would look great on you I'm sure. Go for it girl! :)
If i have breast implants because my husband wants to change me all the time,?
when i die and go to heaven will my ridiculously huge breast implant come with me or will i have my old ones back, seeing as my husband want have a say in what happens to me in heaven. He is a bit of a controll freak but i love him and he loves me.
I have huge breasts, 42FF and i hope the girls come to heaven with me. so yes your bigins are going too.
Should I get triple D breast implants?
I'm five one, and 16 years old. My mom said she'd pay for them! Should I get huge breast implants? Do you find them sexy?
NO WAY!! not at 16 your still growing.. Personaly anything more than a C is a waste. I think if you get them now you will regret it later as it will cause back problems. Be proud of what you got be defined by your character and intellect and not your bra size.
How many people think breast implants beyond a c cup look stupid?
I am sorry but some of these women are getting huge implants and I think they look stupid. They also seem hard and unnatural. I have to wonder what kind of employment some of them have and I know I am stereotyping but I am sure they are not the scientist or whatever. However I do think breast implants c or lower are okay. Is there anyone else out there who thinks huge breast implants (C+ and over) make the woman look stupid, too crazed for male attention, and unnatural. On the other hand I think some implants look beautiful as long as they are not too large. Does anyone have any similar sentiments?
I think implants are stupid no matter what. Reduction makes sense to me if it is for medical problems, but in general I think people should learn to respect their bodies the way they are.

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