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Hi i am a gay teen boy and i like to have sex alot?
is this a bad thing like all i can think about is hot sex with like guys expecially when i am in the showers at school i get sooo horney is this bad or like is this normal
i'm gay and 15, it's normal for guys our age to be sex addicts. i know i couldn't live without masturbating everyday. it just depends if your actually having sex all the time, as long as your "safe".

talk to me on messenger or email:

and i know what you mean on getting horny at school...
Are all gay teen boys obsessed with sex.?
I'm 15 and ive been with i couple of boys and all they seem to think about is sex. I never seem to find someone who wants me 4 me and not just sex :(
when you first enter your teen yrs,sex is usually all boys think about . as you mature a little after the first few years of your teens yrs ,your hormone's
start to taper off and think more of your body and appearances,but still are sexually active but not quite as much.the worst yrs are from 13 to 18 probably.
I am a teen boy who had sex with his friend who is also a boy am i gay?
it not like i planned it i just think i want sex so bad i'll take it from anyone even a guy. We didn't kiss in it we did do alot of stuf.f It's happened more than once does this mean i am gay??
If you enjoyed it, it means you enjoy sex with males. That doesn't make you gay. Gay is a psychological and mental being as well as a physical being.

I think you we're just horny.

If you need help in the matter, go see a psychiatrist they are trained in helping you find who you really are and it's all confidential.
What do gay teens do when they have sex?
What do gay teen boys, say 15-18 do when they have sex? Just wondering, because me and my boyfriend are thinking about having sex, but I don't know what to do. Share experiences please? We need help.
Begin with basics mutual masturbation as way to being man to man action. From there to oral delights and finally anal. But when doing anal make sure are cleaned out and make sure condoms are used.
Gay teen crisis!!!!!!!!sex or education?
i met a boy my age[16] online today.....hes gay and im gay and he wants me too meet him tomorow so tat we can have some "fun".
hers the problem:i have test on monday............its not that important.....but im kinda the srt8-A's dork and i ont want to spoil that,but on the other hand,i've never done anything reckless like this in months..................should i have great sex or or should i keep up my grades?

the guy im seeing is leaving on tomrows my last chance.................and plus:its relly hard to find a gay teen online,i mean all thers out there a middle aged sex maniacs...............
Take the test. If the guy is leaving Monday it will just be a one time thing. And what happens if it isn't that great? You had bad sex and you missed the test.
There are a lot of teens online you can talk to, you just got to look for them.
How would you handle your husband telling you about him having sex with another boy when he was a teen?
He confided in me that when he was 15, he and a friend used to go out camping together. He said that with hormones racing, his friend seduced him and that he gave his friend a bj and his friend mounted him. He said that at the time, he enjoyed it because it was just the sexual satisfaction but that he was not attracted to boys. He said that he started dating girls the next year and never had gay sex ever again.

1. How would you handle this news. (surprisingly, I am very ok with it and actually feel good that he shared such a secret).

2. How common is this? Is it very common but just buried away in the back of our husband's minds?

3. Have any of your husbands ever confided this to you?

4. Would this shock any of the wives?

Fortunately, I am ok with this because our love and marriage is so strong and that I know that it was attributed to teen boys hormones and they experimenting and needing to go somewhere with those racing hormones.
I think you rock for handling it so reasonably, and your marriage is awesome if your husband felt so comfortable telling you. My question is, do you think he was sharing a one-time thing, or is he building up to seeing if you'd be into a threesome with another guy? That's what I'd be wondering. I'm not saying he is, just that you might want to consider the possibility and how you feel about it.

For now, though, you probably don't need to do anything. You seem to be doing all right as it is.
Do you know some teen gay themed short film similar to "raw love/Amor crudo" and "oranges"?
I really like these short film but YouTube has a tons of gay movies and I'm tired to check them one by one.

The "similar" I'm talking about is,
It's about a teen boys (not the men acting teens, the actual teen boys)
And it's not porn style like most of the film is about sex.
Thank you.

Sorry if my English is weird :(
There are a series of DVD's / Movies called "Boyz Life".. they are all short stories about gay youth, several volumes. Great stories, not porn of course. Stories about family, coming out, first loves, etc... many of them have won awards.
Do you think most gay teen boys are desperate for anything they can get?
The reason I'm asking this is because I have this guy who goes to my school and we're not really friends but we talk sometimes and he's gay and he's so crazy and depserate like last night he randomly sent me nude photos of him and then he sent a message after that saying "If you want to blow me, makeout with me, or have sex, just consider us friends with benefits" and im like WHAT THE HELL!?!?!? lol

I can understand why most of us might be desperate because it's SO Hard to find a guy because everyone's in the closet or taken or straight! lol..but what this guy did? necessary at all! haha
I think all guys, straight, gay, bi, young and old, are desperate for anything they can get.
Should I have gay sex with my cousin?
I'm a teenage boy and my cousin is also a teen boy and when ever I sleep over at his house we cuddle and recently we kiss and touch each other should I get a couple of condoms and have sex win him
Hey bud,

I did the same thing through my teenage years, and yes it's ok as long as the two of you agree to it. I wouldn't tell anyone, but go for it.
Yes, it's ok if you're into it! Cousin or not, if you like him and you like what he looks like, do whatever you want if he likes it too.

My cousin and I had LOTS of sleepovers; we started getting naked with each other at about 12 years old and experimented with oral sex. We had no idea that what we were doing was actually sex, but we knew if felt good. Soon after, we found out that Vaseline feels great when used between the legs (squeeze his legs together with vaseline on them, and you can put your p*nis between his legs from behind). This is called interfemoral sex - and it's lots of fun - no condom needed.

Have fun, and I wouldn't worry about condoms (we didn't use condoms, since we knew each other very well). No condoms will be far more pleasure!
Having sex with a guy? does it hurt?
well im bi and when i go to high school i plan to have a boyfirned and you know see where it takes us. but my question is if you are a bi/gay teen boy and you wanna have sex with another teenage male does it hurt. not to creep anyone out, but based on vidoes and pics it looks romanctic and very ahh i dk. what do you'll think
yeah, it might hurt quite a bit the first time. ive had anal before, and it hurt like hell. but then later after a while, it felt okay. but i still dont find it pleasurable. just make sure to use LOTS of lubricant. and trust me, its not like it looks in the videos. just be prepared. you can try "practicing" with a toy or something to get the idea of the pain it may cause. it hurts me, and it isnt pleasurable for me, but that doesnt mean you wont love it! goodluck.

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