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Has anybody ever gone to a museum and had exhibitionist sex in one of the salons?
I'm thinking of asking my girlfriend to do this with me. She will be wearing a miniskirt with no underwear.
Go for it if she's down! Try a dressing room in Macy's, too. They're like 99% always empty! Especially the ones in NYC!
What's a good tagline for a movie about sex, secrets, and a woman who is an exhibitionist and hiding it?
She's a wife and a mother, struggling to reconcile her role in society with her deep-seated desire to be an exhibitionist. I would love to use words like secrets, exposed, something along those lines, I'm just having a hard time being creative.

Oh and for extra bonus points (well not points, but love) if you could put a word in it that starts with an "R" that would be super helpful... weird I know, it goes with the cover design, don't ask...
Flash of Brilliance

Exposed Secrets

Rude Awakening
In NSW, or any other Australian state, is it legal to use the toilets assigned to the opposite sex?
Is there a specific law against men using women's toilets, or women using men's toilets in NSW?

There are times when people might want to use the toilets of the opposite sex eg they can only find the toilet of the opposite sex, there's no soap in one bathroom, lines are too long, bathroom out of order etc ...

I'm not talking about using toilets as an exhibitionist or voyuer, there are laws against that. I'm just wondering about using private stalls in a restroom assigned to the opposite sex.
Unless and until there are laws against using, people will actually misuse this facility. And what will happen is that men will create artificial excuses to use Women's loo :-)
Voyeur & exhibitionist spots in Vancouver, B.C.?
I'm interested in finding (reasonably discreet) voyeur & exhibitionist sex spots in the Vancouver area, primarily with a heterosexual focus.
Any assistance would be greatfully appreciated.


read the West Ender Newspaper
How do i deal with my exhibitionist ways?
i have been noticing that lately when me and my boyfriend are out in public i get all these dirty thoughts and i want to do him right then and there.But when i finally get the house to myself,i invite my boyfriend over and the drives aren't near as strong.all i want to do is kiss and cuddle.
i don't know what to do,i haven't had good sex in a long time.
Just try making out heavily in public and see his reaction..... why not?!!! If he is not into it, he is frigid and too uptite. Hmmm.....
Most guys would kill to have an adventerious babe like you!!!
Do most women resent it when some women are exhibitionist?
Because it goes against how women saying they hate to be seen as sex objects, when others do it by their own free will, with no money involved?
What makes a woman become a exhibitionist?
ex. having sex in publics places and purposely go without a bra/underwear because you like the thrill of it
Whaaat? Contrary to the above answer it has nothing to do with society influences girls from a young age.. This is a personal thing, people who get excited by the idea of it, finally work up the courage to try it, and enjoy it. And so they should.
SERIOUS "?": I have exhibitionist tendencies I would like to lessen or eliminate. How can I work on this goal?
E.G. I like to be nude and masturbate in my backyard, where the folks in the houses across the alley might see me. I know I can get into trouble - be arrested and labeled a sex offender. It is a compulsive practice I really want to stop, but I get so much satisfaction from it. What is your serious advice. I prefer "shooting from the hip" advice rather than something out of DSM-IV or Hales, Yudofsky, etc......I am familiar with those sources.
The best tool I have discovered to deal with a situation like this is EFT. (Emotional Freedom Technique) With EFT you can release the need for this kind of FIX. the core issue here may never be a known, but with EFT that is ok. You can easily make a formula that will work for you.

There is a free download available from


Good luck in reaching your goal.
Me and my wife like to go out of town and become exhibitionist any ideas of what to do?
We love to play truth or dare We go to bars and she wears very revealing outfits to tease me We go shopping late at night the same way. We go skinny dipping and even had sex on our hotel balcony. Any other ideals for us?
I have lots of great ideas. With the warmer summer months coming up, you'll have lots of opportunities to exercise your exhibitionist tendencies. Instead of skinny dipping in your backyard pool, go do some late night skinny dipping in some nearby apartments. If you feel daring enough, you can even leave the pool area and go for a naked stroll through the apartments.

One time me and my bf stopped at an all night burger place on the way home from a club, and he dared me to walk out of the bathroom naked. The place had a door you had to go through to a little hallway where the restrooms were. I went in the bathroom and took off everything except my shoes and handed my clothes to my bf. He went out and got in the car. I waited about a minute and a half then walked out, right through the dining room full of people, and got in the car. It was pretty exciting.

Small business parks are also great places to go late at night. The risk of being caught is pretty low. You can strip off and walk around, spread a blanket and have sex in the middle of the parking lot. Unless they have a security guard driving around, the chances of anyone actually seeing you is relatively small, but you still get the thrill of being exposed.

Car lots are good places to go late at night also. Walk around naked in a brightly lit parking lot right off the highway, and nobody can see you because the cars are blocking the view.

On weekends, drive around looking at houses for sale. You can usually find one or two vacant homes that have a door or window unlocked, allowing you inside. Me and my bf found a house like that once, and we spent over an hour running around the house naked, having sex in all the different rooms.

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