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Best lake to go to in Oklahoma during spring break for girls?
Me and my friends want to find a good lake to go to during spring break that is good for drinking and girls.
I'd say either Grand Lake or Texoma.
Here we go again. Spring Break. Alleged rapes. Drinking too much. When will girls learn that if they drink?
a lot and put themselves in a vulnerable position, that this sort of behavior may well follow. No. Rape is not right. At all.
I am a female, college, a bit over 20.
I have been at locations where guys and girls celebrate Spring Break. Girls walk around with barely any clothes on, thong bikinis, shaking their behinds, flirting with who knows who,, drunk, willingly accompanying some guy they just met....and then - later, after spending the night with no-name, crying rape.
No one deserves rape. but...? do some girls bring it on themselves, knowingly invite it and then cry rape?
I know what you mean! I'm in high school and after spring break, every slut that had sex cries "I GOT RAPED!".

I wouldn't say that they bring it on themselves; because nobody deserves it, like you said. BUT, they do invite it in if they dress and act like that.
My boyfriend told me that another drunk girl on spring break kissed him.?
Me and this guy just stared dating, and he's the first guy i'm feeling serious about. We both went on Spring Break this week, and we both promised that we wouldn't cheat. Well last night he told me that another drunk girl kissed him, and tried to hook up with him. He said that he pushed her off and everything, and that he was really sorry and that it wouldn't happen again. I pretended that i wasn't mad and totally forgave him. But i have no idea if that's how it really went down. Should i trust him again and let this one slide, with the chance that he might feel like he can do it again? Or should i dump him and go for someone who treats me better?
First off, he told you something had happened. He didn't need to, so I would suspect he is telling you the truth. He didn't start it, and didn't allow it to continue. She found him attractive (and I assume you do too).

So, you are considering dumping a guy who is honest, faithful and that you and other woman may find attractive. How, exactly, do you figure he treated you wrong? Would you be happier if he had lied and said nothing had happened?

You don't seem to recognize when you have it good.
Where should I go for spring break?
I wanted to take my boyfriend to London for spring break but I've only got a week off from college so it's probably better to go somewhere that doesn't take at least 8 hours to fly each way. We were thinking about Mexico, but I really don't want to take off my shirt and deal with 1000 dumb drunk girls everywhere I go. Any ideas?
You should go on a cruise. You will have much more fun and will be in a different city every day. All the ship action is a blast.
go to this site
select cruises and then select a destination and when
and it will list all the cruise options
cruise actually works out as a better deal since you do not have to find hotel rooms.
This site has the best prices around
Enjoy your spring break
When a guy goes on spring break alone and gets own room, does it make it easier to get girls on spring break?
my friend went to spring break by himself and said this........he said it made it alot more flexible on spring break where theres parties all over, because he said people are drunk, and all over the place anyways.........big crowds of people everywhere.........

daytona beach spring break to be exact.......
Sure, it's much easier to hook up with girls if the guy has his own room!
Does going on spring break alone at like daytona beach, make it easier to bring girls back to hotel room?
my friend said he went on spring break alone and did stuff with like 15 girls, because he said he didn't have to get permission from friends and all that, and wait for times in room, because when u got friends, u share the same room, and its hard to get room available n stuff..........and big crowds people drunk n stuff...................
r u ugly if so bring lots of money cause u will need it to stay drunk cause u aint getting any and he lied the stuff he did with the 15 girls was to buy them drinks and light there smokes.
What crazy things to do during spring break?
We're making of list of crazy things we want to accomplish during our week of spring break. The list includes things like: have a marti gras party, find someone with your name, build a fort, WIN a contest... any contest.

We're looking for more things to do spring break and drinking related. Get crazy and funny and amusing and drinkingggg related.

THANKS! ps: we're staying in a condo at a beach, guys and girls, a week
Work. But I still take the time to smell the roses as I pass them. Have fun on break!!!
Why do drunk american girls come here and think they can make me straight?
Im from Puerto Vallarta Mexico and every year in spring break there are so many drunk american college girls who dont undertstand the words "I'm gay", its definitely not my accent because I learned english at a young age so is this common of american girls to be so stubborn?
ive had random drunk chicks try this to me too, and i live in america.

theyre just too drunk to understand whats going on, cause im also like im only 16
Is it fun going to the dunes for spring break?
Im looking to go some place fun for spring break and wanted to know if the dunes are like when u see alott. Of peole drinking and girls a ect.
Yes it is.
How do i stay safe on my spring break trip?
We've all heard the spring break horror stories about the girls who go on spring break and don't return. These are the types of stories in the forefront of your parents' minds as they quiz you about your spring break plans and protocol. While spring break is an opportunity to let your hair down, remember that the decisions you make while on spring break continue to have consequences, drunk or sober. You might end up with a sexually transmitted disease or worse.
Never leave an establishment with someone you don't know. No matter how cute, hunky, handsome or witty, or how many drinks you've had, the rule applies. No exceptions.

Establish a spring break buddy system. The way this system works is that you buddy up with someone and you agree to stay (mostly) sober. You can have one or maybe two drinks, period. Then, when you see your really drunk buddy slipping out of the bar for a walk on the beach with her new "friend," you know better. In fact, when you take a closer look at her "friend," you wonder, "What is she thinking?!" The mostly sober buddy has veto power over her (drinking) buddy at all times. The next day, switch roles. This system has the added bonus of lessening the frequency of those really nasty sick hangovers.

Leave your contact information with several different parties (including your parents) and check in regularly. I know; part of the fun is leaving it all behind, but believe me, if you end up on a cross-country trip against your will, you're going to hope someone is looking for you sometime before Indianola. The reason we have your parents on this list is that they are the ones who are really going to notice if they don't hear from you when anticipated: You'll also get some bonus points with them that you might be able to cash in later.

Don't drink and drive. Duh. Also don't drive with someone else who has been drinking. The telephone pole that the car will wrap itself around is an equal opportunity obstacle.

Never leave your drink unattended. Ever heard of a roofie? It's the sedative commonly known as the "date rape drug." In addition to being a sedative, a roofie has the unsettling side effect of inducing amnesia, so that you won't remember what happens to you during the several hours that this drug is in effect.

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