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What French song was sung by famous 12 and music video is cartoon girl dancing with animals?
I saw it in my French club but can't remember the song. It was apparently sung by a famous French singer when she was 12 years old. The music video is very weird since it's a cartoon bobble-haed girl dancing with animals moving around her as she sings about them.
It's probably Ilona Mitrecey, Un monde parfait
How would you draw a cartoon girl to look dumb?
I need to draw a cartoon girl

I want her to look ditzy, and dumb.

What do I change/add to do that?

let's start with her face?......
Let her have a dumbfounded look or a dazed face. Make her have weird clothes on. If you want her to look like someone stupid, make her body tilt a little. Her features should be ugly of creepy(both, I suggest). She could be ugly or dumb like that. Add some drool to the side of her mouth, make her hair messy, let her clothes look tacky, dirty(filthy, not the other way), or ragged. I found a picture on this site if it'll help.
What's the name of the pop song, that is mixed with cartoon, girl has black hair. It's purple most in colour?
The girl has black hair and the background is cartoon, it looks like it's pretty new from this year. It's pretty cheesy pop and it's predominantly cartoon background. Thank you to anyone who knows.
I'm thinking Lights.
I love her<3
What's the website for that really annoying japenese cartoon girl?
There's a cartoon website with a girl on it and she has a baton or something twirling in her left hand, she sings this really annoying song... does anyone know what the website is?
Here you go

thats Inoue Orihime from Bleach

and the song is some random thingy

According to Webtards its called Loituma Girl
Name of the cartoon with 2D girl with a purple eye?
I used to watch this show when I was a guy about this boy that would get sucked into his comic books and would be turned into a 2D cartoon and would go on all these adventures with this 2D cartoon girl who had pink hair and a purple eye.
Does anyone know what it was called?? I can't think of the name of the show to save my life!!
I think was called 'Flat!'. Essentially, Vincent gets sucked into a magazine, and he travels with Kyu to find rifts that lead to other magazines.
Where can I find a cartoon girl for a boutique logo or can anyone design me one?
Its for a ladies boutique aged at the under 30's. I want something that is trendy without alienating any of our client's. It stocks cocktail dresses and fashion based clothing. It would be good if the girl looks like she is shopping. Any ideas or links would be really appreciated. Thanks!
Why don't you search existing logo sites, perhaps you can find one ready made that meets your needs.

Here are some to try -
Logo Search -
LogoMaid -
Web Design Elements -

Here is a good summary of What to Look for in a Logo -…

This is a more in depth article -
What Makes a Good Logo -…

And Building an Image with a Logo -…

Bring Your Product to Life with Personality -…
Who was the cartoon little girl who would abuse her pets?
The little girl had golden locks with a pink little dress and a bow. She would always hug her pets so tight that they would practically die and she was extremely abusive with them. I want to say it was Animaniac's but I can't remember. It seems like I'm the only one that remembers this cartoon from the 90's.
My guess is Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures. She loved animals so much she'd about squeeze them to death and abuse them, but not really think she was.
Why do I find anime/cartoon girl characters cute/attractive?
I sometimes am watching a anime/cartoon show and I suddenly see a girl character and find her very cute/attractive. I feel like I'm the only person in the world that's like this. Does this make me dumb/weird?
that doesn't make you dumb or weird.. I too think a lot of anime girls are really cute and attractive. That's how their creators made them. Who would want to watch an anime or any show for that matter if the characters weren't good looking? Just remember, they aren't real and so you're not gonna be able to date, kiss, cuddle, or hug them (I know a lot of people who wanna do that)

Hope that helps :)
Can anyone link me to the short video of the cartoon girl trapped in a glass box?
I cant seem to find it. I know it was about a girl trapped in a glass box and there was a boy she liked on other side.
Hey there!

I think, I can help you!
It was a really sad story, wasn't it?!
Thank god, I faved it on YT!
I hope it is the one you we're looking for!

Enjoy watching and have a nice day!
What are some cartoon girl best friends?
Me and my best friend are wanting to dress as cartoon best friends for far we only have wilma and betty? Any other ideas?
Sakura and Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura
Haruka and Michiru (Michelle) from Sailor Moon
AnnaPuma and UniPuma from Dominion Tank Police/New Dominion Tank Police
Excel and Hyatt from Excel Saga
Natsumi and Miyuki from You're Under Arrest
Kei and Yuri from Dirty Pair
Rally and Minnie May from Gunsmith Cats
Miaka and Yui from Fushigi Yugi
Meryl and Milly from Trigun

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