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Black guys?
So what do you girls like about black guys anyway?
Just curious because I know those black guys have some kind of charm that's getting them girls.

Like I know this black guy gets laid with asian, white, spanish girls all the time and they are so hot and he is decent looking and tall and plays basketball your stereotypical black guy.

He's even flirting with the 24 year old chinese math teacher who is really hot and the teacher looks like she wants to take him home tonight like really take him home.

So what is it about the black guys anyways?
Black Guys?
Why do alot of you just ignore black girls. At my school, I have barely spoken to black guys. And I'm not one of the loud, ghetto ones either. I'm THE ONLY black person in honor court (academics). I'm kind and friendly to everyone. Also why do you always flirt with only white girls and why do you think that having a white or non-black girl somehow justifies you? I'm just wondering. Most of my friends are white guys and most white guys don't care if black guys date white girls because they see those girls as fat and unattractive anyways. When black guys are with non-black girls they flaunt them, but I've had plenty of non-black boyfriends and I don't flaunt them. Do those black men feel inferior to whites?
all personal preference. Im a white guy, and i like black woman. i dont really care who dates who, up to that person. black guys still love blk woman, some might happen to like all woman..just dont really look at it as a skin thing. maybe there afraid to approach you cause your smart? go try talking to some of them.
Black guys?
this is PATRICIA not jason im using his account for now. (im his sis)
ok back to the point im not attracted AT ALL to white guys! i like black guys im 14 and im pretty white which is weird because my brother is tan and im puerto rican.
why dont i like white guys i just find darker guys so cute! IM 14 REMEMBER IM A GIRL!. ON MY BROS ACCOUNT PEOPLE!

but why am i attracted to them?also what race are you and what race do you prefer
ur attracted to them becuz thats wat ur eyes like to see. i like black guys to. there r so fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnne. lol. anyways im white to so ya. join the club. and u dont have to like white guys if u dont want to. and remember once u go black u never go back. haha GOOD LUCK!
BLACK Guys!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is The Stereotype That You Like Big Butts Real??

i'm Iranian but i have a naturally bigger butt and the guys on my block (especially black guys) seem to love it lol

so is this stereotype true......WHY or WHY NOT?

oh a just in case u didn't get it......i'm not talking about fat girls i'm talking about ppl who are naturally well endowed lol
7 months ago
black and white people are the same it is a skin colour it does not change how one thinks or how strong the individual is
How come most guys dont think black women are attractive?
I think they are hot! A lot of white women like black guys, and alot of black guys like white girls. But most guys i speak to dont like black women, I dont understand!
I disagree w/that. there are tons of interracial relationships involving black women.
How come biracial black guys usually do not go after black girls?
It is interesting. I know plenty of biracial black girls who are interested in black guys. I do not think I even know one biracial black guy who is interested in black girls? I am speaking generally.
This issue I've noticed tends to be in America & Latin America to a extent and their are many reasons because majority of biracial black american men grow up from houses with white mothers and black american fathers, plus America preaches lighter is better(or light skin is the epitope of beauty), so they go after light skinned females. That is not always the case though, there is a significant but small percentage of black biracial american men that end up with black women(ex. Barack Obama, Boris Kidjoe) but it's the reverse in Africa & the Caribbean. Majority of black biracial African & black biracial Caribbean men end up with black women from their culture. The big reasons are is because most biracial men from Africa or Caribbean come from Black mothers and are raised in a society where race or skin color is not a determinant when it comes to beauty, so you see more of them more inclined to step to black women. You need to go countries like Cameroon, Jamaica, Angola, Barbados, Nigeria, Ghana, and etc you will be up for a wake up call because there are many biracial men/black women couples over there. For example famous biracial black men from the caribbean like Bob Marley or Africa like Jerry Rawlings(former president of Ghana), Majid Michel, Ramsey Nouah, Van Vicker, and many more are married to black women of those regions. Even Barack Obama & Boris Kidjoe Tie into this, although they are American & have white mothers, one of these men wasn't born in raised in America(Boris Kidjoe) and the other was born in America but wasn't raised in America(Barack Obama), and I think that tied into these Men's influence in how they view beauty when it comes to skin color and etc(which shows more in who they chose as partners), because I've been around the world and these issues tend to be in America or Latin America but it's completely different in Countries in Africa & the Caribbean. So to me It depends where you are from in the world it's not that clear cut but I must admit I've seen alot of biracial black men with black american women, especially from the south in America.
How do most black guys know automaticlly when a woman is showing them subtle hints of attraction?
I have discovered that some people are a lot more alert to the hints a woman gives when she is interested.Some ,most black guys have a sixth sense for this Why?Just wondering so maybe I can train and know when a woman is interested in me!
Umm racist?

Any guys who has charming looks would know buddy
How come most black guys who date interracially insult black women?
I know plenty of other men who interracially date or have a preference for non-black chicks but they usually do not insult their own race.
Most of the guys that are my friends who interracially date usually always have negative and stereotypical things to say about black women.
Why arent black men the same?
Some men date outside their race simply because they fell in love with someone who wasn't their same race or admire women of another races. Other men who date outside of their race and always have something negative to say about women of their own race usually have some sort of self hate issue that they feel for the their entire race and themselves; or they had a very bad experience with one women of their race and take their anger out on all women of their race.
What type of guys do black women generally go for?
You rarely see them with guys other than black guys. Is that because the don't think that other guys are masculine enough for their standards?
Every black female is different with different tastes. Most prefer to date within their race, as do most other people. So I wouldn't say its about masculinity because that term is subjective.
How come handsome black guys never date or marry white women?
I never see handsome black men with white women. The black men who date white women are always extremely dark-skinned, non-athletic bodies, and unattractive facial features.

I never see black guys who look like LL Cool J , Trey Songz , or Floyd Mayweather with white women. It's always a below average black guy with a super average white woman.

What's the point?
because they have good sense not to date a white woman ...white women causes trouble for the black man...i pity the ones who are dating white women

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