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Do I have big teen boobs?
I am 12 and i have 34 DD boobs i would have thought that i big but i am in grade 5/6 and even with the grade 5s i still have the smallest boobs in the year Level and they are not just a bit smaller they are tiny compared to everyone Else's. it is not like they are fat ether they are really thin so am i small what can i do like stuff my bra or something?
Don't worry about it so much, they'll grow when they want to. And if not, ladies come in all shapes and sizes and are no less beautiful for it :)
Why are my boobs so big (teen)?
I am 12 and i have 34 FF boobs all the other girls in my family adults and guys have a or b cups i get a lot of atention from bous at school and i hate it i am not fat the doc seid if i dident have my big boobs i would be underwhight i play a lot of sport and i am weareing 4 sports bras and they still bounce and when they do it realy hearts how and i stop the boys how can i stop them bounceing and why are they so big?
Sometimes that happens. Young girls have abnormally large breasts and they continue to grow, especially at an early age. It's important to talk to your doctor and your parents, if they are causing back pain and are difficult to manage, a breast reduction may be a viable option for you. Good luck.
How to make my teen boobs bigger?
I am 12 and i want to make my boobs bigger i asked on something else an someone said put cooked wet rice in your bra all day and slap them until they are red at night and i went from an A cup to a DD but there still not as big as all my friends so i want them bigger any other ideas?
Thx Tara
You're 12 years old with a Double D cup? yeah right.. If you really put cooked wet rice in your bra, and slapped your **** all day, then your just stupid. And may I remind you? You're only 12 years old.. stay with your A cup, training bras, whatever. You're too young to be worrying about how big your boobs are. And also, Your 12 year old friends don't have bigger boobs then Double D. Either you're lieing, or they're stuffing
15 year old teen with big boobs?
im 15 years old with man boobs im not fat im just average sized lad im a fastest in my school but i have man boobs i heard its my hormones and they will go as i get older is that true ? oh P.S how can i make them firm so they dont bounce up and down any tips training weight gym need help.
You probably have gynecomastia, and it usually goes away throughout puberty. If you're overweighted, it might just be fatty tissue. You should try wearing a wife beater or some tight undershirt beneath your regular clothes to hide your man boobs. You can always wear a sports bra but I don't think you wanna be caught dead in one of those. Working out won't help gynecomastia since you're only going to build pecs beneath your boobs, which might actually make your boobs look bigger. If you're simply fat though, working out might get rid of them. Good luck at disguising your boobs, seriously.
Teen Boobs to big play sport?
I am 12 i love sport I am active I am fit but i have big boobs and they cept coming out of a t-shirt bra so ii have now tryed all the best sports bras but they still bounce and they now heart a lot help!!! what do i do to stop bousing and hearting???
There's not much you can do about having big breasts while your young. Your only twelve, so they've probably got more growing to do. Look into breast reductions when you get older. But while playing sport, use more than one sports bra. Sometimes, for some people, it will take up to 4 sports bras to really feel like it's helping. They aren't going to completely stop bouncing or hurting, but wearing more sports bras will help with the impact and intensity of the bouncing and pain.
How do i slow my teen boobs growth down?
I just terned 12 and in 2 weeks i went from a flat chest to a 10c i don't want big boobs because my 13 y/o friend has E boobs and has back probs and my Mum has H cup boobs so i am worried?
you can stunt them by wearing a bra while you sleep but you cant really stop them from growing.
I am a teen, i have a bigger left boob than right. is this normal?
I have read and i am pretty sure this is normall..i had started my period about a year and a half ago its not that noticeable, but the more i think about it the more it bothers me thinking about it so muchh doing something?
It's absolutely normal - and I'm sure it's far more noticeable to you than anyone else. One reason for a larger left breast is that most people are right handed and therefore build more muscle under the right breast and therefore have less fat there than the left.
Does one a day teen make your boobs bigger?
My friend tells me that one a day teen makes your boobs bigger. I'm a 15 year old w/ a flat chest.. So, i'm kind of desperate.
NO, vitamins will not make your boobs bigger, however they are good for your body. Creams do not work either and they can be bad for your skin.
What can i say to my crush when she asked me "does my boobs look big?" anything funny?
What can i say to my crush when she asked me "does my boobs look big?" anything funny i can say to her back?
i want to make her laugh, giggle, blush if possible.

what can i tell her?
nothing rude just something funny.

she does have big boobs, but she says there small. but it's big, but not really big just average big for a teen. what can i say to her? anything funny?

what can i say
When she asks you if her boobs look big, just tell her nah, you're body just looks small.

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