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Free lesbian asian porn?
What are some sites that I can watch free asian lesbian porn? has asian pussy all over the place
Are many Japanese and Asian lesbian English students finding Partners in America and UK?
I don't see alot even though i do see alot of foreign students in my city. how come?
I thought they would be more at ease, expressing their love in America, since it's alittle freer than in Japan, China, etc.

Does anyone know if alot of japanese foreign female students find Gf's in america?
Yes quite a few
Where can i find some really hot Asian videos?
hot free asain movie???
-lesbian(if possible)
-once again free
google it lol
Where can i find good free porn?
it has to be about lesbians, big ****, ebony, asian, latinas, solo, no *****.
How about

Seems worth a try.
What about buddisum & other eastern religions,what are their views on homosexuality?
I know in most abrahimic religions it's labeled as a sin,

also I have noticed that lesbians seem to be more excepted than gay men in some asian society's
or am I wrong about that,

feel free to enlighten me ; )
Much of Buddhism is monastic (serious practitioners are mostly monks and nuns), so it does speak against homosexuality, for pretty obvious reasons. Monks and nuns are supposed to be celibate, and there are lots of rules to keep them away from temptation caused by being near members of the opposite sex. Being attracted to a member of the same sex is fairly easy to conceal in a monastic environment, and hard to prevent, so it has always been condemned.

For lay practitioners, the general rule about sexuality is that it is not prohibited so long as it does not harm another being. Relationships that are unfair to a third person (like affairs of whatever variety that harm a spouse, for example, or predatory sex) are considered karmically negative. Homosexuality is not specifically condemned for lay persons, but may be viewed very negatively by the local society.
Free "alternative" dating website advertising?
I have recently set up some dating websites for friends who were looking for alternative sites for people with alternative lifestyles i.e gay, lesbian, voyeur, trans, dogging, swingers disabled as well as singles asian and afro, but I dont know a reliable site to advertise my sites does anyone know of any genuine advertising sites can be world wide as my sites cater globally, any genuine replies please as these sites were genuinely set up for my friends and their friends, it is not a joke its to help!
look up free advertising sites on the net, heaps should come up, i had like 200 of them when i was doing internet marketing/advertising, u will find some that will cost u, but close it and keep looking
Do White girls love Asian feet?
Perhaps someone can help explain me what is "foot fetish" and if I have or no.
I am Chinese-Malaysian, 18 years old, and I've been studying here in U.S. for half a year.
My college roommate is a American girl. She has blonde hair and all the guys think she is SO sexy SO pretty. (I also have white guys say I'm very sexy! )

She usually wears tennis shoes in our room. For me this is a strange custom because in my culture we are always bare foot inside.

The reason that I wonder if I have "foot fetish" is because I LOVE touching her with my feet.
In my culture it is very offensive to touch someone with feet but she does not mind. In fact she says my toes are very pretty.
When she sits on my bed I put my feet on her lap. Then she massage my feet and makes me feel comfortable.
In Malaysia you can only get foot massage for money. My family would not beleive I have gwai lou ang moh roommate who massage my feet for free!!
One time I even put my feet on her shoulder. I stroke her cheek and hair with my toes! I laughed because in my culture this would be a very bad insult! I did not tell her of course!

I am not cruel and I am not lesbian. But I love doing this to her. I think because it makes me feel power.
In my country most people look up to white people. Yet I can put my bare feet on top of a pretty white American girl and she just smile!
Anyway, does this mean I have "foot fetish"? Do all Americans not mind feet on them? I would like to know. Thank you.
@Elsie - you'll have to fight me for that place of honour!

I want to be a sexy Asian Woman's footstool!
Please Vicky! Pick me!
Why are black females not livid over the treatment they are getting from Obama?
I am a black male who refuses to sugar coat things just because it is Obama. I noticed that he really shafted the black females, but they are keeping silent because he is so-called black. Hispanics voted around 67% for Obama. This is high because of the way the Puerto Ricans and non Mexicans voted, which was around 76%. Mexicans voted around 46% for Obama. I reiterate, the record shows that Mexicans only voted around 46% for Obama. Blacks as a whole voted in record percentages and in record numbers. They voted around 95%. Black females voted around 97% and in much greater numbers than ANY OTHER GROUP. When Obama took office, he wasted no time nominating Mexicans to five High Level Cabinet positions. Richardson of New Mexico declined his offer. It is ironic how he went out of his way to avoid Puerto Ricans. They voted in higher percentages than any other hispanic group. Sotomayor (A Puerto Rican) does not make up for it, for he had no prior knowledge that the current Supreme Court Justice was anticipaing retirement. The Puerto Ricans got shafted because Obama listened to La Raza, who only wanted Mexicans. They were disappointed at the nomination of Sotomayor. I read the comment of a high ranking La Raza member who basically said that they could tolerate her. Be that as it may, the worst part is with black women. He did not nominate any to a high level cabinet position. He, again, nominated a Mexican woman from California. Black women were given lower level positions. So what they voted at 97%. Why is he so obsessed with Mexicans? Obama chose Sotomayor because she was hispanic. He did not have a clue that La Raza wanted the Mexican male from Colorado. The irony is that a black woman is the most qualified. She currently serves as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia. Again, he stiffed black women. Where are the confrontive black women? Where are THE STRONG BLACK WOMEN? Jesse was right when he said Obama is taken the black community for granted. He has hispanics males and female, lesbians, asians, whites males and females, and two black males. All of which did not vote like black females. Bush and his father respected black females more than Obama. Obama is a con artist who thinks he will automatically get the black votes and high turnouts. My hope is that the black community wake up. Obama is much too busy bouncing around being a superstar. He has gone more places in one month than Bush all year. How much did the one trillion dollars make its way to the ghettos, barrios, and poor white communities? Bush promoted Secretary Rice when General Powell resigned. Obama has continued to mock black women, and I am livid about it! Now, he is working on La Raza's new agenda which is free citizenships to 50 million illegals. Jesse Jackson (who I do not really respect) is right about Obama.
True That, most Puerto Rican did voted for him when less than half Mexicans did voted for him he is wrong.
Girlfriend watching porn..signification?
Back from a ten days business trip (June 10 to June 20), and in search of a website link that I visited before my trip, I browsed the history of our laptop. I stumbled upon one free porn movie website that my girlfriend visited in June (6/5, 6/14 and 6/20) while I was away. Intrigued and surprised, I searched further, and found out that it seemed to only have occurred on those 3 occasions. She browsed the free porn movie website between 5 to 30 minutes. She is a conservative educated woman in her mid-30s. After having dating her for over one year, the only sexual activity we had was to lay down every week on top of each other with clothes partially removed, rubbing against each other. Based on her wishes, we never had sex. She touched my genitals a few times, but never masturbated me...and she went to wash her hands after that. I never touched her genitals, and saw her naked very briefly only two times. She says that she want to wait until the honeymoon, although we just talked about marriage but without any concrete plans. She is not virgin anymore, and had regular intercourse with only one boyfriend (about 5 years ago). The websites she visited are about some fetishes and include from what I remember feet licking, Asian with big breasts, lesbians, bondage, double penetration...
I understand that she is curious and that she is doing this in private and I should respect that, but what I found a little odd is that she does not want to be intimate with me, although we love each other very much and have a really great relationship. When I try to talk about this situation to her, she gives me evasive answers like "if you really love me, then sex should not matter..", "I will have sex with you, but only after we have tied the knot..", etc..
Basically, why would she be curious or interested in porn, and be so distant with me when it comes to being intimate ?
Anyone experienced this ? any insights ? any clues about the way she acts? signification? ..I am perplexed and disappointed by this whole situation.
It seems to me that all the mystery is just too strange for you to trust by, "We do nothing until after marriage." I am sorry but a relationship is based on complete trust and her holding out information on you and insisting to do or say whatever only after marriage is a bad deal! If she has a fetish of sorts or a past she is hiding, or some strange kind of urge then that needs to be addressed before you take it any more serious. Also the lack of sex by two adults is too strange to take lightly. If I were you I would confront her about all the doubts you have and I highly recommend to have sex before marriage, and this comes from a woman. Too many secrets is a recipe for failure in any relationship. I had a BF that didn't want to have sex with me for months, I found out later he was BI but male sex dominant. In other words he was having sex secretly with guys while he built up to have sex with me, too many secrets! Do not turn a blind eye to it, trust me on this one!
How to have a girlfriend if you're still in the closet?
hello everyone :)
i'm still in the closet and i don't want to come out yet. i just recently ( 5months ago) realized that i might be lesbian, i had always known i was a bisexual since i was 10. so anyways, i've been single for 2years now, at first it didn't really bother me cos i loved being single and free but now i really feel so lonely and i don't really know what to do anymore. i'm an asian and living in an asian country but here it isn't really a big deal if you were gay. the problem is most gay girls here are closeted cos gay men are more accepted and i'm just really girly, guys hit on me but no girls would have the guts to ask me out, i look really straight. i don't want to ask a girl if she were gay or what for the fear of being rejected and judged. so what am i gonna do now? i just kinda feel depressed, i've had 2 soft butch ex girfriends but we were just like exeprimentin cos i was still young that time and they didn't even last a month lolz, school starts in 5 months but i can't wait anymore, im 18.

oh i know the question supposed to be, "how to approach a femme lesbian if you're a closeted femme lesbian". lolz, queer girls and butches(dykes) are automatically gay in my eyes lol and i can always ask either of them out if ever i want one, but the thing is would they want a straight looking closeted lesbian girl? i'm not liking anyone right now and i don't know who i would like or fall inlove with, a femme, butch, queer ? i have no idea, i just want to be ready just incase lol. so right now, i need an advice for a closeted femme lesbian. just anything from your experiences would help a lot ;) thanx for reading, xoxo! ♥
You would be surprised how many women would like to be approached by a 'straight looking lesbian girl' whether she was in the closet or not!
Seriously though. Although you say that you do not want to come out just yet, it may be easier for you if you did. But if that is really not an option, have you thought about online dating? At least then you could get to know someone and chat with them so that they would know where you are coming from.
It' a lot of fun to do too, and you will probably meet friends as well as lovers, which is pretty important.
There is an international site that I have used and like. It's free.
I hope that you find what you are looking for.
Good luck to you.

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